Blood Moon Rising

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It’s 1858. The Kansas-Missouri border seethes with racial hatred between anti-slavery and
proslavery factions. Amid this unrest, Mia arrives in Kansas Territory from Indian Territory to
visit her grandparents at the Shawnee Friends Mission. The pleasant trip she has planned turns
into a terrifying ordeal as she finds herself in the clutches of slave traders. Coming from a
Quaker upbringing, her anti-slavery convictions are tested when she escapes slavery and certain
death through the quick wit and sharpshooting of David Taylor—a slave owner. Although Mia
and David’s conflict of beliefs take them in different directions, Mia cannot get him off her mind
or out of her prayers. David follows a bloody path led by a mad man bent on destroying the
Abolitionists. Will Mia’s prayers be enough to save the life of the man who saved hers?